If you are Cuban born traveler the requirements are different based on when you emigrated to from Cuba.
Cuban emigrants who left the country prior to 1971 can travel to Cuba with their foreign Passport after requesting the Consulate for the HE-11 permission to enter Cuba.
If you are not a Cuban citizen but were born in Cuba, you will need an Entry Permit in order to go to Cuba.
This process has two different moments: the request of the permit to Cuban Immigration Authorities and getting the permit once approved. The whole process is usually completed in 4-6 weeks and it is valid for 90 days.

The cost for processing the PE-11 or HE-11 (which is the same) is $220.00. For more than one (1) visa a discount applies. The person will need to provide the following:

  1. Copy of your US passport
  2. New passport Photo
  3. Proof that the person emigrated before December 31, 1970. Almost any document will do, here are some examples of documents that are accepted: Passport used to enter US, Medical records, Income tax, SS records.
  4. An application form with the requested information. See below example



First name / Prenom *

Middle name / Second Prenom*

Last Name / Nom *
Last Name / Nom *

Birth date / Date de naissance


Sex Marital status / Etat civil
Passport No. / Passeport No.

Issue Date / Date de deliverance


Expiry date / Date deexpiration


Citizenship / Citoyenneté Telephone


Hotel where you are going to stay / HôtelàCuba

Length of stay / Durée de sejour

Date of departure /

Date dedépart


Departure airport /

Aéroport de départ


Full permanent Address / Adresse

Place of birth / Lieu de naissance Date of departure from Cuba / Date dedépartde Cuba

Signature ______________________________Date:___________________________________


* You have to present your name as you were born in Cuba

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