Cuba’s largest province, Camagüey is located in the center of the island. To the north the beautiful Sabana-Camagüey archipelago along with the spectacular Santa Lucía beach  protected by the longest coral reef in the western hemisphere and the unspoiled Jardines de la Reina archipelago cradles the province to the south. Camagüey’s historic center is considered the largest as well as the best preserved on the island and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is full of lavish churches, charming cobblestone plazas, historic statues and intriguing museums. You’ll find plenty of tinajones [earthenwarejars] decorating the streets. The people of Camagüey originally produced the jars to collect rainwater during a drought. Today, they are one of the city’s decorative hallmarks.

Places to stay in town

  1. Plaza Hotel
  2. Grand Hotel
  3. Colón Hote l

Places to eat in town


  1. Restaurante 1800
  2. Meson El Principe
  3. Café Ciudad

Here our selection of the ‘do not miss’ places in Camaguey

Cayo Sabinal Beach

Cayo Sabinal

Sabinal Cay, The first island in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago
Escape to this gorgeous, unspoiled coral key lined with mangroves, marshes and lagoons and watch clouds of butterflies flutter above the lush landscape…

Santa Lucía Beach

Relax in the sun and twinkling golden-white sand of beach with turquoise waters that is always calm. Protected by a long coral reef only 2 km from shore, the seabed supports an astonishing variety of marine life. In addition to flora and fauna, there are also sunken ships to explore, including some dating from the 19th century.

Places to stay

  1. Brisas Santa Lucia
  2. Club Amigo Caracol Santa Lucia
  3. Club Amigo Mayanabo Santa Lucia
  4. Hotel Costa Blanca Camaguey
  5. Hotel Gran Club Playa Santa L ucia
  6. Hotel Cuatro Vientos Brisas Santa Lucia

Los Pinos beach

Los Pinos beach standout among the key’s many beaches…

Avalon Diving Center (Jardines de la Reina)

You will feel like you were entering into another world on this archipelago of virtually uninhabited keys curled around Camagüey's southern coast…

Shark’s Friends Dive Centre (Santa Lucia)

Here, the dive masters can guide you on scuba or snorkeling adventures along Cuba’s longest coral reef formation. Be sure to inspect the assortment of shipwrecks dating as far back as the 19th century, like the Mortera and the Pizarro. Night dives are also available.

Petrified Forest

Marvel at the remnants of trees that have been petrified for over three million years across one hectare in Sierra del Chorrillo (Chorrillo mountain).

La Belén Ranch

This ranch within Sierra del Chorrillo functions as a bird reserve, featuring rare species like the Cuban parakeet and the giant kingbird. It is also home to exotic animals like zebras, deer and buffalos.

Sierra del Chorrillo (Chorillo mountain)

Explore this protected area by foot, Jeep or horseback. The park, located 36 km southeast of Camagüey, houses La Belén, a ranch that has been converted to a bird reserve where you’ll find rare species like the Cuban parakeet and the giant kingbird. Gaze at the park’s incredible array of birds like the blue heron, sparrow hawk, quail, wood pigeon, zunzún, tocororo and cartacuba as you ride along one of its peaceful trails.

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