Villa Clara is a land of sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs, tobacco fields and lakes packed with fish. It is the home of ‘Embalse Hanabanilla’ one of Cuba’s largest lakes, noted for excellent bass fishing. Is it also the home of the ‘Buenavista’ Biosphere Reserve. The reserve contains protected ecosystems and has a high biodiversity of flora and fauna and many endemic and threatened species. To the west lies Remedios, a charming colonial town that hosts the famous Parrandas de Remedios, a festival featuring fireworks, floats and dancing. Villa Clara is also connected to a series of tropical offshore islets, where the popular resort destinations of ‘Cayo las Brujas’ and ‘Cayo Santa María’ are located.

Places to visit

‘Las Salinas’ beach

Turquoise water and sandy beach, this is an unspoiled beach that is located next to town ‘Las Brujas’.

‘Perla Blanca’ Beach (White pearl)

Relax in the rays on this sunny beach situated on the tip of Cayo Santa María

Periquillo beach (Santa María cay)

Divers can explore the colorful coral reefs and shipwrecks dotting the shallow waters…

Buenavista Biosphere Reserve

Encompassing 11 core areas, spanning across 313,502 hectares, this UNESCO-recognized biosphere protects ecosystems including mangroves, coral reefs, active dune zones, keys and vital reproductive zones for aquatic birds. Caves within the reserve hold historically significant paintings.

‘Arroyo Trinitario’ waterfall

This scenic waterfall is well worth the effort; cool off with a dip in the pool…


Hanabanilla Lake

Explore this picturesque reservoir framed by a lush tropical forest. (pictured right)

‘Nuestra Señora del Carmen’ church

This church was established in 1748, with its distinctive tower added in 1846. The sizeable monument out front commemorates Santa Clara’s creation in 1689.

‘Constantino Pérez Carrodegua’ tobacco factory

This is one of Cuba's best tobacco factory that makes a quality range of Montecristos, Partagás and Romeo y Julieta cigars

‘Parrandas Remedianas’ museum

Dedicated to the ‘parrandas’, popular parties deeply rooted in this Villa Clara’s town.

‘Alejandro García Caturla’ music museum

Discover the life of the famous Cuban composer García Caturla’s life at this commemorative museum in Remedios.

‘La Caridad’ theater

This iconic theatre has hosted world-renowned performers including the legendary Italian opera singer Enrico Caruso.

Hotel & Spa Elguea in Baños Elguea

Rejuvenate yourself with the sulfur springs and mud treatments used to relieve arthritis and rheumatism. This spa first opened in 1917, and is widely recognized as being one of the best of its kind in Latin America.

Places to stay

  1. Melia Buenavista Hotel
  2. Hanabanilla hotel
  3. San Pascual’s Pontoon
  4. Los Caneyes hotel
  5. Royalton Cayo Santa Maria
  6. Hotel Meliá Cayo Santa María
  7. Melia Las Dunas in Cayo Santa Maria

Places to eat

  1. Hostal Florida Center
  2. El Alba
  3. Casa del Gobernador
  4. Sabore Arte 
  5. Santa Rosalía Complejo Gastronómico Cultural

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